If Given a Choice

Apr 3, 2022 | One Minute Dharma

If Given a Choice, Which One of These Practices Would You Do?

Number one, you can accumulate all the wealth in all the universe and offer it to the Three Jewels[1], or number two, you can go for refuge to the Three Jewels three times. Which practice would you choose and why?

 Student’s Answer: I would go for the wealth because I need wealth right now.

 Reply: So if you collect all the wealth in the universe and offer it, even if you do it with good motivation and you collect merit, it’s still limited merit because first of all, the amount of wealth in the universe is not infinite.

 Secondly, if you make an offering of wealth with the right motivation, yes, there is merit, but the karmic result is more abundance. It is a worldly result. It’s not an ultimate result. Now, you can take that wealth and use it for good. You can support practitioners and buy books and stuff, but it’s still limited.

 If you go for refuge three times, the merit of going for refuge is limitless.

 It’s immeasurable; the resulting benefit of enlightenment cannot be measured.  Enlightenment is without limit. Buddhahood is without limit. The merit that you get and the result that you get are infinite. Whereas in the first example, they are limited.

 So going for refuge is more beneficial and that’s why we do it all the time. Have you ever noticed that in the beginning of every practice we go for refuge? It sets you on the path and renews it.


[1] The Buddha, the Dharma, the Spiritual Community