Why I Like Mantra Wheels


Here is an explanation of the benefits associated with correctly turning a mantra wheel according to Lama Zopa.

The Benefits

The King of the Shakyas (Buddha Shakyamuni) taught:

“Nirvirana-vishkambin, listen carefully:

Spinning the revolving stone hanging on the

Mantra wheel once is superior

To practicing the supreme purification

Of the essential truth for one year.

Turning the dharma wheel once is superior

To practicing the middling meditation

On essential truth for seven years.

Turning the dharma wheel once is superior

To practicing the inferior meditation

On the essential truth for nine years.

Turning the dharma wheel once is superior

To eons of listening, contemplating, and


The Buddha, purifier of all obscurations, taught:

Turning the dharma wheel once is superior

To exerting oneself in the practice

Of the ten perfections for one thousand eons.

Turning the dharma wheel once is superior

Even to teaching and studying the three baskets of sutras

And the four classes of tantra until the end of the eon.

“The protector Maitreya taught:

If one offers fine drapes

To the profound wheel of dharma,

One will, for five hundred lifetimes, be well-dressed oneself.

Through the merit of offering a hook for the wheel,

One will traverse all paths to liberation.

Through the merit of offering a revolving stone,

One will become a protector of beings.

By means of reciting secret mantras by the million,

One will be worshiped by deities of wealth

And gain control over humans, wealth, and food.

All encounters will become meaningful.

Sentient beings afflicted by obscurations

Will be liberated from the lower realms.

As for the temporary benefits of turning the mantra wheel,

One will withstand infectious diseases and


Destroy harmful demons and

hostile obscurations,

And overcome the impure defilements of strife.

One will defeat whole armies of demons and Obstructors.

“As Manjushri taught:

The four great kings and the protectors of the ten directions

Will safeguard us all from every obstacle

In the main and intermediate directions.

They will purify us from the karma of the lower realms,

From the five deeds of immediate result,

And from the ten non-virtues.

We will go from buddha realm to buddha realm

And be miraculously reborn in the pure land of Sukhavati

Upon a lion throne at the heart of a lotus.

Thereby, the awakened activity of all of the buddhas of the ten directions

Will spread throughout the ten directions.

‘As Vajrapani taught:

This mantra wheel can block all those who harm:

The negative spirits from the upper regions,

The evil spirits of the lower regions, the nagas,

The assembly of tsen spirits and elemental spirits

That inhabit the middle regions.

Why does the mantra wheel have this ability?

Because this is the wheel of the dharani mantra

That embodies the individual essences of

the five buddha races,

Mighty King, the buddha of the upper direction

and all the others.

“As the noble Avalokiteshvara taught:

This great wheel of dharani mantras

Is distinctively superior to all other wheels.

These fortunate beings who, while maintaining their focus,

Resting their minds on the dharma wheel,

Turn it and make supplications,

These are the supreme protectors of the future.”